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Our normal pet waste removal service area is Fishers, Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield and the Geist and Morse Resevoir areas. Our standard rates reflect this service area.
We will safely and efficiently remove any pet waste from your yard and will alert you if we find any irregularities in the stools. A green lawn is a clean lawn, and we strive to ensure this when we clean yours! Our pooper scooper service will provide a safer, more aesthetically pleasing lawn.


Our standard rates start as low as $15.00 for a 1-dog, once-a-week pet waste removal, pooper scooper service. Other rate plans available include rates for: additional dogs (by # of dogs), twice-a-week, bi-weekly, once-a-month, and one-time cleaning as shown below.

Initial Cleanings. If the yard has not been cleaned for an extended period, we charge at $1.00 per person scooping per minute, $40.00 minimum. For instance, 1 person scooping for up to 45 minutes = $45.00 minimum; 1 person scooping for 70 minutes = $70.00. 2 people scooping for  up to15 minutes = $40 minimum; 2 people scooping for 35 minutes = $70.00. Please know that we work very efficiently, effectively, and will NOT inflate the charge.
*** One-time cleaning without regular service is not available at this time ***

Take-a-Way Charge: We ask if the securely bagged waste can stay with you to be thrown out with the trash. This is most preferable to us and the more preferred rates are available when we're able to do so. However, if that is not convenient, there is a slight additional charge to the standard rates for us to take the waste away with us. For initial visits, the additional charge could be a bit more depending upon the amount of waste.
Billing: Invoices are emailed out at the end of each month. Payment options are via PayPal link on this site or www.fisherspetservices.com or by check made payable to Pet Services Plus.
Day of Service: Due to scheduling challenges (weather, drive time to certain areas), it is sometime difficult is stay on a set day each week. However, if a certain day of the week is needed, let us know and we'll attempt to accomodate.
Inclement weather - as much as possible, we work around extreme weather (heavy rain, snow, heat). Services continue (and are encouraged) during the winter months provided that the waste is accessible and not snowed or iced under. There is nothing worse than to have 3-4 months of waste on a yard once Spring arrives.   
Our pooper scooper pricing is generally for an average size yard (under 14,000 sq ft) and average size dog (less than 80 lbs). Larger yards and dogs may incur an additional charge. Contact us for pet waste removal rates that fit your needs.

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