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A Little Fun

A lady calls inquiring of our service . . ."How can we help you?". She answers, "I don't like to pick up, you know, the ... ". "Well, no shit, that's why we're in business!"
There are 3 sure things in life: death, taxes, and you know what. We take care of the "you know what".
Pooper Scooper. It's actually considered the world's oldest profession!
Temperatures below 20 for the past few days. Sometimes those little piles of joy freeze right to the ground and make removal a bit tricky. What do you do to loosen it? You kick the shit out of it.
The desperate look in a new clients' eyes. Yard hasn't been clean in months. The task can seem daunting. We don't just pick your poop, we help clean up your life.
You got the rake, a bucket, grass, and the occasional hazard trap. With a steady hand and eyes and a quick flick of the wrist ... great putt putt practice!
A common challenge this time of the year (Fall): a freshly aerated yard. What's what?
The winter challenge ... snow. Brushed up on the old "hide and seek" skills learned as a kid. Simple rule with the white stuff - if it's brown, get it off the ground.


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